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Who We Are

The Infinite Compassion Foundation USA is part of an international network of organizations founded by Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche to further his vision of a more compassionate world and to educate and care for all beings, especially those who cannot speak for themselves.  In addition to the US Foundation, there are Infinite Compassion organizations set up in Germany and Hong Kong and there is a related organization, Shanti Path, set up in India.  These ICF organizations have been working closely with underprivileged families in Nepal for many years. We have been providing medical and financial support, as well as helping with basic daily supplies. ICF also supports educational programs, by donating to schools; animal welfare; and cooperative projects. In 2015 we supported earthquake relief to hard hit areas in Nepal. 

"Before we had compassion just for ourselves, but never really for others. This is the main root of all our problems; therefore, this attitude has to be changed. Instead of having compassion for yourself, you should have it for all sentient beings. You should have consideration for others.” 

- Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche


Our Goals 

In keeping with Shamar Rinpoche’s vision for Infinite Compassion USA, we will focus our energies on finding projects that foster and establish and promote basic human rights; promote education to raise awareness of animal rights in general and in particular encourage better treatment of animals used by humans for food and to perform work; encourage better education of underprivileged children; encourage sustainable living practices; and support access to better health care for the underprivileged.

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