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Infinite Compassion Foundation USA is proud to partner with Animal Nepal. Animal Nepal’s mission is to create a society where all animals can live a life free from pain, suffering, and human cruelty. Animal Nepal is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in Nepal. Animal Nepal works through carefully designed interventions, animal rescue, research, campaigns, and legislation. 

Animal Nepals objectives' are (1) To conduct CNVR (Catch, Neuter Vaccinate and Release) through camps and our treatment center at Chobar; (2) To treat sick and injured dogs; (3) To rehabilitate dogs and puppies through adoption and release back on the street; (4) To educate communities; (5) To advocate and lobby with related authorities for the passage of the animal welfare act and related legislation; (6) To conduct ationwide media campaigns for the promotion of animal welfare.

Since its funding in 2009 by Pramada Shah, Animal Nepal has launched programs and staged interventions to help working equines, stray dogs, rhesus monkeys, elephants, layer hens, livestock, and many other animals.

Animal Nepal has led and become part of several campaigns that have highlighted gross abuse of animals such as the religious sacrifice of animals, the plight of stray cows, elephant abuse, the mass poisoning of stray dogs, etc. Animal Nepal relentlessly works toward its goal of ending the suffering of all animals and to be the voice for the voiceless.

Animal Nepal has a strong focus on raising awareness because it believes that the responsibility for ending the suffering of animals lies with the community. Its aspiration is to help create a world where individuals and communities do not need or want to seek help from animal welfare organizations, but are themselves able and willing to ensure the welfare of animals.

Equine Outreach Program

Animal Nepal’s Equine Outreach Program takes a holistic approach to ensuring the welfare of the thousands of working equines (donkeys, mules, and horses) in Nepal by providing services to the animals that includes medical treatment and routine welfare assessments. It also creates welfare awareness raising through community education and technical training, in the media; and through advocacy.

After ten years of work, Animal Nepal works in 42 brick kilns and each year helps over 2000 equines. The primary objective of this program is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to the stakeholders in order to promote long-term and positive change in the treatment of equines.

Humane Dog Population Management Program

Animal Nepal’s Humane Dog Population Management Program includes routine birth control and vaccination camps, a Mobile Response Team, a dog treatment center, and a campaign to encourage the adoption of stray dogs and to raise awareness about the welfare of dogs.

Animal Birth Control

Dogs are neutered, vaccinated against rabies, marked (clip on the ear), and then returned to the same location from which they were collected. During this time, the dogs are also treated for any illness or injury they might have.

Mobile Response Team

Animal Nepal’s Mobile Response Team provides treatment and rehabilitation, mitigates rabies incidences by vaccinating the dogs and educating communities about animal welfare, thus reducing incidences of animal cruelty.  Mobile Response Team’s Vet Technician responds by motorbike to dogs in need by conducting an initial assessment, and either treating the dog in place or arranging for the dog to be taken to Animal Nepal’s Chobar Treatment Center, which has the capacity to treat 40-45 dogs at any one time. This Center also maintains an adoption program for vulnerable puppies and dogs that remain at the Center while they await adoption. For those dogs treated in place, the Vet Technician leaves medication with a member of the community, usually the person who made the initial phone call, and advises them on how to take care of the dog. By doing this, Animal Nepal, not only provides treatment for the dog, but also encourages the community in taking responsibility for its dogs.

Cage Free Campaign

In 2019, Animal Nepal launched its campaign against the cage confinement of layer hens. The main aim of this campaign is to free layer hens from this cruel practice by raising awareness about the harm this causes to the hens and humans alike.

A majority of layer hens in Nepal and worldwide are confined to cramped battery cages where they live their entire life. Caged hens suffer from the denial of their natural behaviors such as spreading their wings, perching, dust-bathing, or being able to follow their natural instinct of finding somewhere to lay their eggs; instead, they are biologically engineered to become egg-laying machines, viewed as a commodity rather than a living being. Producing eggs in this manner is not only harmful to the hen; the eggs laid under these conditions contain chemicals (used in the chicken feed) and antibiotics, that are harmful to humans. Such antimicrobial agents can lead to the emergence of resistant bacteria leaving consumers vulnerable to diseases resistant to antibiotics.

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