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Infinite Comapssion Foundation USA is proud to be in partnership with Khema Nepal. Khema Nepal’s mission is to improve the quality of life of indigenous Nepali women by providing free comprehensive medical treatment suffering from pelvic organ prolapse (POP). The three-week comprehensive POP Correction Program developed by Khema Nepal in collaboration with Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital (NMCTH) provides the following free services:
Transportation costs to and from Kathmandu for patient and caretaker; pre-operative investigations, including (but not limited to) cervical cancer screening; cost of surgery, including anesthesia; medications (including for other ailments that are detected and for which the patient is unable to pay); hospital bed and food for the patient for 21 days (longer, if necessary); food for the caretaker for 21 days (longer, if necessary); guidance, counseling, and education to patients and caretakers on post-surgery recovery, causes of prolapse in Nepal and preventive measures; 6 months’ supply of multivitamins and other dietary supplements, and any other prescribed medications, upon discharge.

Khema Nepal stipulates that qualifying women must come to NMCTH for up to three weeks for treatment where their health and progress can be closely monitored. Khema Nepal does not fund surgeries in district level hospitals because it is unable to ensure that quality treatment and aftercare is provided to the patient.

to read the full program report of 2018 click on the pdf icon

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